Quickly Cover Balding and Receding Hair


How To Use Juveker Hair Fibers

How to Use Hair Fibers - Step 1 Apply

Apply Juveker.

Hold the Juveker bottle upside down 2-3 inches from the thinning/balding area. Gently tap the bottle to sprinkle the fibers until scalp is no longer visible.

How to use Hair Fibers Step 2 Pat Down

Pat Down.

Once Juveker is applied, gently pat hair if necessary to disperse the fibers evenly within your hair. For long hair, use a brush or fingers to scatter the fibers over the length of the hair for even coverage.

How to use hair fibers Step 3 Hairspray


Apply any hairspray for an all day hold withstanding wind and sweat.

How to use hair fibers